BlogHealthSpot Joins Forces with MedAvail to Bring Convenience to Consumers

Imagine how easy it would be to walk down to the lobby of your office, have a quick chat with your doctor in a HealthSpot station and then pick up your prescription right there? We’ve teamed up with MedAvail to make that become a reality. MedAvail has created the telepharmacy kiosk, the MedCenter, which dispenses pharmaceuticals and counseling through videoconferencing at a convenient MedCenter kiosk. Sounds familiar, right? They are using similar telehealth technology to create better access to your pharmacist—just like HealthSpot is creating better access to healthcare. It’s like an ATM for your prescriptions!


MedCenter video courtesy of MedAvail.


This collaboration will enable HealthSpot station locations to provide high-quality, accessible pharmacy services in addition to acute care telehealth services in locations without a retail pharmacy, such as employer sites and community locations.

MedAvail MedCenter kiosk

HealthSpot stations could now be co-located with a MedAvail MedCenter telepharmacy kiosk. We have just announced that we’re working on the joint solution. And stay tuned for co-locations rolling out later this year.

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