HealthSpot for Pharmacy and Retail

HealthSpot gives you the most efficient way to offer your customers primary care.

Pharmacists and Patients can learn about the HealthSpot Station, a telemedicine medical kiosk for remote medical care and retail clinics that improves outcomes and care coordination while addressing readmissions, ED overuse, urgent care misuse and reducing expenses by enabling practical payment reform.

You want your store or pharmacy to connect with your local community. But as people’s lives get busier and busier, it’s harder getting through to customers that you can be more than just an errand.

HealthSpot transforms your store into the next generation of retail clinics. You already have the convenient location and unique healthcare expertise. By delivering cost-effective primary care through our eye-catching HealthSpot Stations, you’ll be bringing innovative expanded care to your community.

By placing a HealthSpot Station in your pharmacy or retail store, you can…

  • Give community members a familiar, convenient retail setting to access primary care
  • Expand your services with options like prescription adherence and medication therapy management that improve patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Attract new customers and increase prescriptions

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