The HealthSpot Station

Uniting convenience, access and great providers to create an all-new healthcare experience.

HealthSpot station: a telemedicine kiosk produced by healthspot

The HealthSpot station is more than a piece of technology: it’s the access point to better healthcare. The HealthSpot station represents the heart of the HealthSpot appointment experience. It’s private and spacious, quiet and secure.

The HealthSpot station attendant is always there with a personal greeting or to offer help if needed. And automatic and manual cleaning procedures improve on the sanitization of a traditional doctor’s office. Everything works together to create a warm, engaging setting for patients, delivering accessible medical care beyond the doctor’s office.

Patients interact with board certified healthcare providers using high definition video conferencing and a suite of connected medical devices that stream biomedical information in real time. HealthSpot leverages technology to produce the highest quality, lowest cost healthcare appointment on the market today.

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